AO Izakaya
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Gastronomic dishes from AO Izakaya, Japanese-inspired French cuisine
Zen atmosphere in the AO Japanese restaurant

Discover the Izakaya, an emblematic place in Japanese culture, where you can enjoy a variety of small dishes accompanied by drinks. Popular with businessmen and women, Izakaya is more than just a Japanese restaurant. It's the ideal place to relax after a long day's work.

With locations aplenty in major cities such as Tokyo, it's now possible at AO to find a Parisian Izakaya to spend a convivial moment.

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Low-temperature marinated duck fillet, miso and honey sauce, served with sweet potato purée and vegetables

Carte blanche menu

The chef's carte blanche "OMAKASE" menu is available every day until 10:15pm for 2 people or more.

5 services

69 €

6 services

85 €

7 services

90 €

Japanese Tapas

A selection of hot and cold Japanese tapas that flirt with fusion cuisine, precision workmanship.

Maguro no TATAKI

Semi-cooked tuna with pickled onion sauce

25 €


Red label salmon carpaccio with yuzu sauce

19 €

Foie Gras YAKI

Escalope of foie gras à la plancha on sushi rice with teriyaki sauce

25 €

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Sushi, Sashimi and Nigiri

Available weekdays only (excluding public holidays), our selection of raw fish is prepared in the Japanese tradition.

Sashimi MORIAWASE (12 pc)

32 €

California Rolls

15 €

MORIAWASE Sushi (8pc)

37 €

A Parisian restaurant
à la Japonaise

An Izakaya in Paris

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Facade of the Nippon AO Izakaya restaurant in Paris

The strength of AO Izakaya, and what we strive to be beyond reproach for, is the quality of our service. Here, you're welcomed as you would be in Japan, with professionalism and kindness. You're invited to a table, you're given a refill when your glass is empty - the kind of attention that makes all the difference between lambda service and a quality welcome.


All very good and all very fresh. Beautiful too. Kunihiko Takano's frame brings wood to life in a stunningly graphic and geometric style and direction, with a play of slats combined with embossed prints.

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